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Chris Anderson, President Owl Brand Discovery Kits
Chris Anderson

It was in 1996 when my good friend and I began exploring ideas about how to live with more impact.  The motivation was simple and the question was asked "What can we create that enriches people's lives, helps meet our families financial needs, creates opportunity for others, and look back with joy in our fellowship?" 

Well, those weren't the exact words looking back, but that's what the result of a small partnership between fellow entrepreneur and friend Marc Trueb and me became.  In those early days it was called Owl Brand Kits, a retail outlet for my budding owl pellet supply company, Owl Brand Supply Company, Inc (OBSC), formerly QuadradixNW. 

Since that time, Owl Brand Kits added Discovery to the name and how appropriate that has been.  Having served thousands of educators from home school to scout to public schools, Owl Brand Discovery Kits (OBDK) has become a recognized source of quality, fun, and affordable science projects. In 2005, OBDK enjoyed recognition from National Geographic Canada as a top resource for educators.  And our annual revision of our popular Barn Owl Discovery Guide has received more than 90,000 downloads! 

That's pretty remarkable. But what is truly remarkable is the results of OBDK's success. More than 100  families have benefited from selling their 'product' to the company and since our inception, the Owl Brand Supply Company has sold over 4 million barn owl pellets! And yes, they are individually processed!

OBSC - Owl Brand Supply Company


Additionally, OBSC has been able to participate in outreaches throughout the world that were simply beyond our imagination, including development projects in Mexico through our own project called Mission Oaxaca and our friends, Center for Sharing. 

In the end, however, there is one reality that trumps all others in the success of the Owl Brand - The company's mission to be the light of Jesus Christ's love through the sales of product that help us reach educators, students, suppliers, and everyone in between.  We want to showcase God's creation through the simple study of Barn Owls and their prey. Our goal is to bring light into people's lives, whether it is through our Finding Funding grant, providing earning opportunities to about a twenty individuals, or the quality and friendly delivery of great service and products.

Thank you for making that possible through your interest in Owl Brand's products. I can't thank you enough.

Chris Anderson, President
Owl Brand Supply Company, Inc. - Cheyenne, Wyoming
Owl Brand Discovery Kits - Online 

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