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Each year teachers face certain economic duress. No, that's not the latest headline.  It's reality.  And as schools face the growing red ink of the district accounting departments, we also face the red ink of lesson plans that never reach the classroom.  When that happens, some teachers make other choices and some choose to seek outside solutions.  

One of the benefits to Owl Brand Discovery Kits and our desire to serve your classroom takes shape in what we call "Finding Funding".  And here is how that benefit reaches you:

Each year, teachers, camps, and instructors approach Owl Brand Discovery Kits for donations to their efforts.  As a company that embraces generous giving as an important leadership and business principle, we understand that we might also be asked.  Here are some guidelines for asking that may guide your inquiry.  

What is the Finding Funding Grant?

Did you know that each year companies give tens of thousands of dollars away to science and math teachers? They know that our future doctors, scientists, and technology professionals rely on our ability to teach science in an affordable fashion.  But as a teacher, who has time to solicit these dollars?

The benefit to having a nonprofit fundraising professional as our company's president is that we know how to find money.  As a service to our customers who love to spend money at OBDK or other science education companies. Owl Brand will update our FINDING FUNDING page regularly to provide access to information and opportunities that benefit your classroom.  Additionally, we will post articles to our social media pages to keep you informed, another great reason to join us on Facebook and Twitter!  


Finding Funding Grant Awardees

Below are the recipients of the 2011-13 Finding Funding Grants awarded by month. Owl Brand is excited to participate in educational grants that help keep our young students excited about exploration, the conservation of owls, and promote healthy activities that promote science.

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