Why Dissect Owl Pellets?

OWL PELLETS ARE GOOD SCIENCE Connect your students to nature when you introduce owl pellet dissection to your classroom or learning environment.  Get students face to face with nature by learning about food chain studies, prey and predator relationships, the importance of a variety of predators, and how these animals help farmers control pests and play an essential role in healthy ecosystems. Owl pellet dissection is an exciting part of connecting your students to nature.

OWL PELLETS ARE AFFORDABLE SCIENCE At about $3 per student for all the material and resources, owl pellets make a great selection for bringing cost-effective nature learning into the classroom.  On average, dissecting pellets is a great investment in good science.  And when you can download or project OBDK's resources into your classroom, that investment offers big returns!  

OWL PELLETS ARE FUN SCIENCE Sometimes teaching science can be a real challenge to come up with ideas to keep the attention of young students. And often the most inviting ideas cost the most! Students become consumed with identifying what prey an owl has consumed and the fun begins. 
GOOD.  AFFORDABLE.  FUN.   What more can you hope for?

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